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Who We Are

At White Water Coach, we enjoy everything that has to do with the water whether it is on a paddle board in the ocean or just relaxing on a float in a pool in your backyard. That is why WhiteWaterCoach.com was created, to bring our passion to you. We pride ourselves on making sure everyone has the best experience on the water. We add new guides and reviews weekly so more articles will be coming soon. These guides are written by us and are based on our experiences doing an activity or equipment we use. We never recommend products that we would not use ourselves. We write our articles with the idea that we want to simply an activity so it is easier to learn and simplify the buying process by giving as much information that we can on different pieces of equipment.

When you are out on the water you want to be 100% sure you can trust your equipment or else your experience is going to be awful. So we go out and work hard to inform everyone on which equipment you can trust as well as get you information on how to do these activities so you know the proper ways to perform techniques correctly. The correct techniques and equipment are vital to ensuring a pleasurable experience on the water.

You can ensure that every article you read will contain the most up-to-date information on various water sports activities. Join us in safely hitting the water for a fun and beautiful experience.


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